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Jayson Lewis

Jayson Lewis

Executive Pastor

Pastor Jayson is an original memberĀ of Crosstown Fellowship Church and helped in the planting of CFC in Hillsboro. He is a secondary math teacher and sports coach by trade, andĀ has a passion for seeing people come to know, believe and follow God, spreading the gospel for the growth of His Kingdom. Growing up in a traditional Baptist church where he learned who God is, Pastor Jayson was active in many areas of the church as a youngster. He spent much of his youth learning the Word and its application to his life. After the death of his grandmother, Pastor Jayson fell away from the church he grew up in but continued to have faith in God and His power over his life. For years though, he knew he was missing the fellowship of being connected with other believers. He realized that he needed a more personal relationship with God and not attend church for the sake of being religious. He was happy to find a church home where he grew to understand the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ and followed Jesus for himself and not just because of family tradition. Jayson wants you to know that "God loves you and welcomes you home no matter how far you may have wandered; I've been there". Pastor Jayson hopes that you will find a home here at CFC and a family of believers who will stand by you as you grow each day in Christ.

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